23Apr 2016
The Guardian

BUILDING democracy is a slow process that requires tolerance among people, especially of different political orientations.

22Apr 2016
The Guardian

A timely warning has been given on the Great Lakes region that it could relapse into mass violence and economic crisis caused by the unfolding...

21Apr 2016
The Guardian

Constructed some eight years ago, the Machinga Complex in Ilala district Dar es Salaam was designed to take street hawkers from the streets and...

20Apr 2016
The Guardian

Tanzania suffers a maternal mortality rate of 454 for every 100,000 live births, a horrific average of 22 women dying in the delivery room every...

19Apr 2016
The Guardian

One of the most outstanding features of capitalism is individualism, individualists promote independence and self-reliance and advocate that...

18Apr 2016
The Guardian

TANZANIA representatives in this year’s CAF League, the Champions and Confederation Cup, Young Africans and Azam FC, respectively, have an uphill...

17Apr 2016
Guardian On Sunday

TAKING good care of the elderly nationwide is not only consolation to the beneficiaries but also recognition of the contribution made during their...

15Apr 2016
The Guardian

YEARS ago, and it will likely have been in the 1980s, official word went around that Dar es Salaam’s Kinondoni Cemetery had run out of “public”...

13Apr 2016
The Guardian

Little does a child know when he/she first starts doodling crayons on that expensive wall paint that they are developing one of man’s greatest...

12Apr 2016
The Guardian

Did you know that; “when one finds minerals under the land (they own) they have to go to the government to seek a permit (to mine the minerals)....