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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Public schools shine in Form Six exams

1st May 2010
  Six make it to best ten category
National Examinational Council of Tanzania (NECTA)

The National Examinational Council of Tanzania (NECTA) yesterday announced the form six national examination results with public schools dominating the category of best ten schools.

Six government schools are among the top ten with only four private schools making it to the category.

NECTA Executive Secretary, Joyce Ndalichako mentioned the government schools which scored top positions in the category of schools with more than 30 candidates as Mzumbe, Kibaha, Ilboru, Malangali, Tabora Boys and Tukuyu secondary schools.

The four private schools which made it to the best ten are Marian Girls Secondary School, Kifungilo, Feza Boys Secondary School and Uru Seminary.

She said there were 337 schools with more than 30 candidates while only 81 schools were registered with less than 30 candidates.

In the category of schools with less than 30 candidates, Ndalichako said that Rubya seminary emerged the best followed by Maua seminary, St James seminary, St Joseph Kilocha, Ndungunyi seminary, Same seminary, Usongwe secondary school, St Peter’s seminary, Vituka and Vwawa secondary schools.

She said the council has also suspended examination results for 484 candidates over failures to pay examination fees, and that they would be given results after paying.

She said that 49 candidates out of those whose results have been suspended had registered for the exam using false documents.

“These students will be required to submit their original school certificates and other relevant documents including their voting identity cards”, she said.

She said that this year the number of students accused of cheating has increased to 136 candidates compared to 25 candidates in 2009.

Ndalichako said that some of the students were caught with written notes and mobile phones which are strictly prohibited in examination rooms.

She said a total of 65,629 candidates were registered for the Form Six final examinations this year with 24,894, equivalent to 37 per cent, being girls and 40,735, equivalent to 62 per cent, boys.

She said the number of school candidates increased by 24 per cent to 49,112 compared to 39,623 registered last year, and that the number of those who sat for the examinations is 63,434 out of the registered 65,629 candidates.

Meanwhile, General Secretary, Tanzania Association of Managers and Owners of Non Governmental Schools and Colleges (TAMONGSCO), Benjamin Nkonya said it would take time for private schools to perform better in Form Six final examinations because all the best form four students from private schools are selected to join government schools.

Nkonya suggested for the government to adapt the university policy which gives freedom for students to go for the colleges of their choice.

“How could private schools perform better while all the best students are selected to join government schools? We are normally left with those who scored lower grades, hence the difficulty to make magical changes in two years”, he said.

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