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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Kingwendu: My `Ze Comedy` winning chances slim

19th May 2010
Kingwendu in various artistic facial expressions

Experience is the greatest teacher so they say, Kingwendu who is among the top ten contestants of the ‘Ze Comedy’ search said he is banking his success in the search on his experience as a comedian, actor and entertainer .

Surprisingly, with all the experience he has in comedy Industry, Kingwendu said his chances of being in ‘Ze Comedy’ are very narrow as the contest has some of the best comedians in the country .

“Am the best as far as comedy in the country is concerned, but my chances of surviving the search are very slim because in ‘Ze Comedy’ search there are all the cream of drama in the county ” said he .

However, the comedian said he will be the happiest person in the world is he is to remain in the search as he has been dreaming of working with East Africa Television (Channel

Born as Rashid Mwinshehe Mzange, some 42 years ago in Kisarawe District, Kingwendu alias can be described as the only comedian in ‘Ze Comedy’ Search who has lived and dreamed drama throughout his life.

Kingwendu has seen all the ups and downs of comedy industry in the county. He joined the game at a tender age of 12 after abandoning primary school while in Standard Four.

He said he could not continue with his primary school education because he had a burning desire of being one of the country’s top and well known comedian.

His aim and ambition was to reach the heights of Abdallah Mkumbira, who, during his drama days was known as ‘Muhogo Mchungu,’ most popular with the then Radio Tanzania Dar es Salaam (RTD).

“When I was young my aim and ambition was to be like ‘Muhongo Mchungu,’ the man was my inspiration,” Kingwendu said.

Kingwendu who was one the pioneers of the country’s leading TV show, Mizengwe along side with the late Max and Zembele said he has achieved some of the things which many local comedians dreamt of. A car and a house are some of them.

“Though the industry is not a well paying one in Tanzania, I have tried with the little I have to build a house and by a car” said the ever jovial Kingwendu .

Kingwendu who is the father of three is a jack of many trades. Outside the comedy circles he is well known as a musician and a freelance agent.

He said he combines all these trades because he believes that a man has to have many ways of fighting for survival.

He has a single album called ‘Mapepe’ and his second will be known as ‘Mpango Mzima 2010.’

“Am just keeping my fingers crossed so that I can be in the group of the remaining contestants of Ze Comedy Search because I have been dreaming of working with this company for a long time” Kingwendu said.

He further said he know sees himself as the complete comedian after attending the seminar organized by EATV.

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