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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

The 2015 race for presidency: Rumour mongers at it!

14th April 2013

The race for Tanzania’s 2015 presidency is once again in the Whisperer column brought back by none other than our diligent correspondents.

According to one of the rumour mongers, the race is being fought on two levels; within the ruling party and between Chadema on one hand and the ruling party, CCM, on the other.

The source said the race within the ruling party is pitying the former Prime Minister, Edward Lowassa and a couple of young bigwigs who are however, still engaged in shadow boxing, refuting reports that they have their eyes set on the highest post in the country.

Such names, according to the rumour monger, include the youthful foreign minister, Bernard Membe who has been giving the Malawians a run for their money.

Other names in the rumour monger’s list include the former United Nations Secretary General, Dr Asha-Rose Migiro, the Minister for Infrastructure Development, Dr John Pombe Magufuli.

However, the problem with our source is that he could not provide any evidence over his allegations!

It would however, be recalled that most of those alleged to be vying for the 2015 presidency, with the exception of the former prime minister, have been refuting reports about their intention to seek the highest office on the land. Despite failing to prove his allegations, the rumour monger was however, not done!

He said the same thing was more or less going on in Chadema where more than one person was eyeing for 2015 presidency.

He said apart from the the party’s Secretary General, Wilbroad Slaa, the other man vying for the lucrative post is Kigoma North Chadema Member of Parliament, Mr Kabwe Zitto. But are there any consequences for the two parties as far as the vying for the 2015 presidency is concerned?

According to the rumour monger, the ruling party is more likely to suffer if it does not deal as soon as possible with the tug-of-war for the 2015 presidency that is going on within the party.

He said the danger lies in the fact that come mid 2915, it is highly unlikely that the ruling party would be able to handle both fights, within the party and against Chadema.

“CCM would only be able to deal with Chadema if it solves, as soon as possible, its internal problem relating to the fight between the two camps,” he said.

He said if the party fails to solve the foregoing problem before mid next year, by the time campaigns for the 2015 presidential election arrive, CCM would be so weakened that it would be extremely difficult for it to take on Chadema.

“Therefore the solution lies in dealing with the the party’s internal problem now…hoping that the problem would simply go away without fixing it now would lead to nothing but disaster,” the rumour monger stressed.

Although he wouldn’t say in such plain language, what the rumour monger appeared to imply, through his massive allegations which he could not prove, is that the fight for the 2015 presidency within the ruling party was more likely to kill both the party and the race for presidency than the other fight against Chadema.

And what is the rumour monger’s comments on the just ended Kenya elections, especially the historic presidential race that finally saw Uhuru Kenyatta and his running mate, William Ruto, winning the race to Ikulu?” He said both CCM and Chadema were involved in a trial run for their own thing, come 2015.

He said while Tanzania’s ruling party had sided with the Uhuru camp,Chadema not only supported Raila Odinga’s camp, but also campaigned for the nyoyo and nyuka eater.

The rumour monger said both Uhuru and Ruto came to Tanzania three months before the elections to seek assistance from the professors of politics whose political party is the only oldest party still holding sway in the continent.

But what is CCM’s chance for the 2015 presidentcy, the Whisperer asked the rumour monger who had the following to say:

“Don’t be cheated by the on-going hype about Chadema’s so called growing strength!

They will not make it, in fact, it would be a repeat with what happened to the opposition party during the 2010 presidential election, they would, once again, be trounced.

The rumour monger was however, quick to note that like in the 2010 general elections, CCM, will not post majority victory, adding, “those days are gone…they will never come back.”

Back to kenya’s elections. Did CCM and Chadema learn anything from those elections?

“Yes, they did,” said the rumour monger. “What did they learn,” the Whisperer asked.

How to win elections in case the new Constitution decides to behave like its Kenyan counterpart, namely, empower the highest court on the land to handle presidential petitions!



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