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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Dry coffers haunt ZFA

28th March 2012
Zanzibar Football Association

The permanent secretary in the Zanzibar’s ministry for Information, Culture, Tourism and Sports, Ali Mwinyikai, has said Zanzibar Football Association, (ZFA) has dry coffers to meet operational needs in the promotion of soccer in Zanzibar.

The minister made public the situation during a joint meeting between ZFA officials and soccer stakeholders that was also attended by the Zanzibar Government’s first vice-president Seif Sharrif Hamad.

The meting was held at the Bwawani Hotel here last Sunday.

“ZFA is in critical financial shortfall and there is a need to find out a solution to iron out the problem,” said the ministry official.

However, he challenged ZFA leadership to work with extensive transparency in accounting for funds, particularly those donated by various stakeholders.

He said Zanzibar Government has been dishing out over 100m/- on annual basis to cater for sports activities, particularly soccer.

The Government has been maintaining a unique stance in donating funds to assist football clubs representing Isles in continental championship as well as the national team, Zanzibar Heroes.

Mwinyikai said the Government and Future Century Limited had donated some funds to assist the preparation of the national team in international events but it is very disappointing to find that no proper accounting was done to substantiate the expenditures.


Poor accounting and prudent use of the scarce resources are likely to bring a huge drawback in securing more assistance as donors would certainly turn their backs.

The ministry official said the purchase of equipment for the national team was done without consideration of the needed quality and the national team’s jerseys had colours that never matched with the national flag.

Mwinyikai said the national team’s boycott on grounds of unpaid allowances was uncalled for during the previous edition of the regional Challenge Cup tournament staged in Dar es Salaam.

“It is still not exactly known the reason behind players’ ‘mutiny’ while money was advanced to the football association,” said the ministry official.

Mwinyikai said it’s high time for ZFA to value the contribution of donors through the prudent use of the donations.

Poor accounting would eventually put off the donors and ZFA will be right back to square one.

ZFA has also been blasted by the ministry official that it has poor football management which crippled the development and not the advent of multiparty.

The chairperson of the Zanzibar Sports Council (BTMZ), Sherry Khamis, said ZFA should fight for its share of FIFA annual donation from the Tanzania Football Federation, TFF.

ZFA vice-president Haji Ameir said budget limitations account for the big part of football underdevelopment.

Ameir said ZFA officials are fully trustworthy and opened wide invitation to firms and individuals to assist in the development of soccer in Zanzibar.

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