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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Use of fire engines is outmoded - fire boss

14th March 2012

In a bid to overcome the problem of water for fire extinguishing trucks, Home Affairs ministry officials have urged the use of dry gadgets technology saying employment of fire engines is old fashioned.

Pius Nyambacha, Acting Commissioner General, Fire and Rescue Force in the Ministry of Home Affairs said in this era when science and technology are so highly advanced the use of fire engines is not recommendable.

He said fire trucks are old fashioned and so Tanzanians should change from old to modern methods.

“The problem is that people do not want to change their mind-set…but time will come when the use of common fire extinguishers will automatically cease to be used,” he said.

Nyambacha made these remarks in Dar es Salaam yesterday at the handing over ceremony whereby the Fire Brigade Department in the city was given three dry gadgets ‘Dry Sprinkler Powder Aerosol (DSPA-5)’ by Your Solution (T) Limited and Outbay Inc Limited.

For his part, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs Mbarak Abdulwakil directed the Fire Brigade Department to set aside a budget for purchasing the water-less gargets.

According to him, the dry gadgets would be more useful in the major cities and in regions which often experience water shortage. He said the government would in some occasions lend financial support to the fire fighting authorities.

“I would like to recommend the use of dry gadgets in putting off fire in the city because in many occasions the fire rescue team has failed to put-off fire due to water shortage,” he noted.

He called upon workers in the department to adopt well the knowledge before using the equipment, saying there after, it would be easy for them to educate others on how to use them.

The PS welcomed other stakeholders with alternative ideas on how to fight fire incidences to seek consultation with the government in order to present their ideas.

Earlier, Founder of Your Solution Ltd chief executive officer Damian George said the new gadgets can last for 15 years.

He called upon store owners and businessmen to purchase the devices and supply them across the country, saying a single device sells at USD1,000.

“These fire protectors are disposable, portable and affordable. It is important for people to purchase and keep them in their houses and property for life protection,” he said.

According to George the gadgets have been successfully tested in Europe and Canada.

Meanwhile, Outbay Inc Limited managing director Ally Ugali advised warehouse owners to purchase the devices saying their stores are usually full of valuable commodities.

“Once the gadgets are available in offices and stores, it will be easily to put-off fire at early stages instead of waiting for fire fighters,” he said.

Director of AFG group (gadget designers) Frans Vogelzangs, said it is a big damage to put-off fire by water.

He said water less-gadgets can knock down fully developed fire.

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