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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Mysterious Deep Green resurfaces in Parliament

20th June 2010

The Deep Green Company Limited remains a thorny issue to the government as the opposition camp has demanded to know the authenticity of the company.

The government is quiet over the ownership of the company, which the latter says it was registered on March 18, 2004 with Protase R.G Ishengoma and Stella Ndikini as shareholders.

The duo, then advocates with IMMA Advocates, is alleged to have transferred their shares to Needbank, Ltd and Nedbank Africa Investment Ltd on April 15, 2005.

On May 1, 2004, a public holiday, a new account bearing the name of the company was opened at NBC, Corporate Branch Account No 011103025840 but no single cent was deposited in it.

Karatu Member of Parliament, Dr Wilibroad Slaa (Chadema) said on August 1, 2005 the same company received Sh10,484,005 815.39 from Bank of Tanzania.

He went on: “Honourable Speaker, we have always wanted the government to explain how Sh10 billion from the central bank was released to an unknown company…failure to respond to this question shows how irresponsible our government is.”

He said the opposition camp wants to know the truth about Tangold which was registered in Mauritius in April, 2005 and given a registration number 553334. The company was later issued with Global Business Licence (C2/GBL).

The MP also took issue with the government failure to give explanation on Meremeta, accompany linked with Sh 155 billion from EPA. “One day the truth shall be known,” Slaa added..

He said the company was registered in UK and given registration number 3424504 in August, 1997 before it was issued with Certificate of Compliance in Tanzania as a branch of a foreign company in October 1997.

He named shareholders in the company as Triennex (PTY) Ltd of South Africa, owning 50 percent of the shares and the treasury registrar, on behalf of the government, the rest of 50 percent shares.

He said the audit report on the External Payment Arrears (EPA) issued by Ernest and Young states: “Fraudulent supporting documents submitted to support claims and incorrect amounts and incorrect exchange rate” were used to siphon the money, adding that the report link Kagoda Agriculture Ltd with Sh40billion.

According to Slaa, the company was registered in September 2005 and given registration number 54040. He said two managers were registered as owners of the company with identification as Kipawa Industrial area, Plot no 87 Temeke Dar es Salaam and P.O.Box 80154 Dar es Salaam. This, according to the Karatu legislator, is contrary to Brella requirements that owners of a company be registered by stating their residential addresses rather than postal address.

But winding his budget speech on Friday evening Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda did not respond directly to the questions posed by the opposition camp, instead giving a general comment that the government “was working hard to contain corruption.”

“The other issue that was raised by our colleagues was on BoT and EPA, but let me make it clear that some 13 have appeared in court in relation to the matter while the government is still working on some cases, “said the PM.

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