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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Ewura: Pump prices in Tanzania still cheaper

18th April 2012
Ewura Principal Communications and Public Relations Officer Titus Kaguo

Although retail and wholesale prices of oil products in Tanzania Mainland's local market have recently increased, the prices are still cheaper when compared to most countries in sub-Saharan Africa, according to energy regulator, Ewura.

Retail prices for all products increased two weeks ago, whereby petrol, diesel and kerosene prices increased by 87/- a litre or 4.06 per cent, 3/- a litre or 0.14 per cent, and 12/- a litre or 0.59 per cent, respectively. According to Energy and Water

Regulatory Authority (EWURA), the price changes have been caused by changes in the world market prices whereby petrol prices increased by an average of USD 95.7/MT or 9.09 per cent, diesel USD 27.1/MT or 2.76 per cent and kerosene USD 34.04/MT or 3,28 per cent. This increase resulted in prices in Dar es Salaam to shoot to 2,231/- for petrol, diesel 2,098/- and kerosene 2,068/-.

Ewura Principal Communications and Public Relations Officer Titus Kaguo said on Monday that fuel prices affect many countries in Africa and the world in general, and that EWURA has been taking extra efforts to ensure that only genuine reasons contribute to fuel price increase.

“Comparatively, fuel prices in Tanzania are either still cheaper compared to many countries in East Africa and its sounthern neighbours, or is in uniformity with some countries in the region, contrary to popular belief that many countries which uses our port have cheaper fuel than us,” he said.

Kaguo said, for instance, that in its latest review, Kenya, which owns an oil refinery, its energy regulatory commission put the maximum retail price of super petrol at Ksh118.50 (2,255.78/-), and diesel at Ksh108.80 (2,071.13/-) for Nairobi.

In Uganda, petrol sells at an average of USD 1.70 (2,686.00/-), diesel at around USD 1.34 (2,117.20/-), while in Malawi the same sells at USD2.05 (3,239.00/-) and USD 1.85 (2,923.00/-), respectively.

Zambia, another country which owns a refinery and a major user of Dar port, sells petrol at around USD1.82 (2,875.00/-) and diesel at USD 1.40 (2,212.00/-), while Burundi, a land-locked country which uses the Dar es Salaam port sells petrol at an average of USD 1.72 (2,717.60/-) and diesel at USD 1.7 (2,686.00/-).

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