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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Dr Mwakyembe makes first appearance after 10 months

12th April 2012
  Tells House govt resolve to construct Serengeti highway intact
Works Deputy Minister Dr Harrison Mwakyembe responds to legislators’ questions in the National Assembly in Dodoma yesterday.

Works Deputy Minister Dr Harrison Mwakyembe appeared for the first time in Parliament and ably managed to answer questions directed by legislators to his ministry.

Dr Mwakyembe attended last year’s Bunge budget session before travelling to India for medical treatment of a skin disease.

He thanked all Tanzanians, the President, Prime Minister and other officials for enabling him to receive treatment and for being close to him during his recovery.

He also thanked all Tanzanians who have been praying for him while undergoing treatment in India.

Looking healthy and energetic when answering basic and supplementary questions, Dr Mwakyembe assured the House that the government would construct the Serengeti road at tarmac level.

He was reacting to a supplementary question from Rorya member of Parliament Lameck Airo (CCM), who wanted to know when the government would start construction of the Serengeti road.

Airo had also wanted to know when the government would upgrade the Irieny-Kinesi road to a regional road as the regional consultative council had approved the move.

“I know many of the legislators here don’t like to here words like feasibility studies, plans, detailed designs and other works, but we have to start from that level if we want to construct a proper road. If we don’t follow those procedures it is like a patient who goes to hospital and is given drugs without being diagnosed.

"So, the government has already started those processes and we shall construct the road to a tarmac level,” said Dr Mwakeymbe.

Eugine Mwaiposa, Special Seats (CCM) pressed the deputy minister to explain why the president’s promise of ensuring that roads were constructed in various areas, including Ukonga in Dar es Salaam, had not been implemented.

In reply, the deputy minister said there were many areas in which roads needed to be constructed and rehabilitated, but stressed that all promises made by the president were always fulfilled.

“And since the promises take five years, we are sure we shall fulfill all of them,” said Mwakyembe.

Earlier, in the basic question which Airo had asked regarding the development of Rorya roads, Dr Mwakyembe said in fulfilling the president’s pledges, the government would construct the roads in phases each year.

He said a total of 5.03 kilometers of otta sealing had been completed and 43.94 km were still at murram level.

He said the government had set aside a total of 347.580m/- for the development of the Mika-Utegi road at the otta seal level.

Regarding the upgrading of the road to regional one, he said the RCC had no mandate to approve a road to be upgraded to a regional level; instead, it was the regional road board which had the power to do so.

Earlier, Airo had told the House that the government was delaying upgrading the roads while reports had already been sent by the RCC to the ministry responsible.

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