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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Clerics urged to be catalysts for change

23rd April 2012

Leaders of different religious denominations in the country have been cautioned against misusing their positions and instead they should seek to serve their faithful and the general public.

The call was made by payer service leader Justice Guga during the opening ceremony of a revival seminar that would last for one week for leaders of different Christian denominations at the Ngomeni Hall here.

He called on leaders to be catalysts for change as they search for God, urging them to stop segregating people on the basis of their faith. “The biggest sin currently is one based on faith, through which we tend to segregate others," said Guga.

He said that people had forsaken the search for God, instead they put their focus on their denominations, as people of faith must transcend the limits of denominations and seek to find God.

Guga explained that true repentance was what pleased God and not segregating others.

In another development, Guga challenged all those who call themselves apostles, prophets and pastors to stop doing so immediately because that only demonstrated their love for rank, adding that there was none who qualified for the same.

He said that he was ready to discuss the matter further and that those who want to do so can get in touch with him. "What I'm telling them, I've answers to these questions, let's organise a special symposium on this, I'm prepared," Guga said.

He said there were too many intruders into in the religious affairs claiming different titles to the extent that they were causing them to lose their meaning and status.

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