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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Activists: Stop porn,semi-nude dancers

14th May 2012

The Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children has been urged to act on publications which carry nude pictures as well as bands whose dancers perform in semi-nude state contrary to the country’s ideals.

An activist from the Tanzanian Women Miners Association Eunese Ndauma made the call in Dar es Salaam recently at a workshop on Gender Based Violence as well as women’s rights in the constitution organised by the Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC).

Ndauma wondered why women dancers were forced to perform in semi-nude state while male dancers wore decent clothes, saying the practice was degrading must be stopped.

She blamed the ministry for doing nothing to contain the situation which has been going on for sometimes now.
An activist from Serengeti Samwel Mewame called on the government and CSOs to join hands to deal with all music bands which forced its women dancers to wear degrading attire.

Another participant said globalisation was negatively impacting on the country’s culture and norms and that something ought to be done to avert the situation.

Meanwhile an activist has said that men tend to become victims of GBV once they fall sick, lose their jobs or when their wives become richer than they are.

Anthony Solo from Shinyanga made the remarks when sharing his experience over the rate of GBV in the country.

“There are men who are beaten by their wives but it is hard to identify them as they are too ashamed to speak out unlike women.  I know a lady who called the police to arrest her husband just because she was richer than him, said Solo, adding: “There are reports indicating that 10 percent of women who were interviewed in one of the sessions admitted to have abused their men.” The workshop brought together representatives from 126 civil societies who have formed an anti GBV coalition to curb the vice.

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