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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

NSC has more on its plate

9th October 2011

Having now taken office, the new National Sports Council (NSC) leadership is faced with the monumental challenge of improving the country’s declining fortunes across the wide spectrum of sports.

Under new boss Dioniz Malinzi, NSC will have to grapple with a toxic set of problems bedeviling our sports scene.

One of these drawbacks that has to be tackled will simply have to be the lack of any success of note in athletics on the global stage.

Indeed, whereas once this sport was the pride of the nation, these days it seems virtually guaranteed to painfully embarrass the wananchi in international competitions.

Another problem amongst many others is the glaring fact that after years of financial investment, football has not yielded the fruits of success that were expected.

Granted, although Taifa Stars rolled back the years with their East African Challenge Cup triumph last year, the narrative of the past decade concerning football has been of huge investment and little success.

But perhaps the most frightening malaise that the NSC will be tasked to confront is the worrying tendency of our sports fraternity to not prepare for major sports events.

Indeed this malaise was all too apparent during the build up to the Beijing games three years ago and the other tournaments that have occurred since then.

Having said all these though, the authorities seem intent on reviving the sports landscape in our country.

Indeed, they have tasked the NSC to come up with a national sports development plan and they have also urged the Council to direct all sports associations to submit a five-year development plan for the good of sports in our country.

Arguably, even better, the authorities have given the NSC a three-year deadline to ensure that positive changes in local sports are taking place.

To be sure, these are all lofty ambitious plans, but over the last decade we have seen similar plans fall by the wayside.

Thus, a true measure of the NSC success will be perhaps if they can follow through and implement their grand ambitions.

Lloyd Elipokea is a sports


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