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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Donation benefits 10 schools in Kisarawe

21st April 2012

A Non-Government organisation Feed the Children Tanzania has donated 4m/- worth of sports equipment to ten primary schools in Kisarawe district on Thursday.

The donations comprised pairs of jersey to boys and girls teams, ten netballs and as many footballs and pumps to inflate the balls.

The function was held at Mengwa Village in the district and attended by Ambassador of Finland to the country Sinikka Antila, Kisarawe District Commissioner Khanifa Karamagi and Costal Region Special Seats (CCM) Parliamentarian Zainab Vullu.

Feed the Children Tanzania country director Mathew Ngwahi said his organisation decided to donate the sporting equipment to the primary schools with an objective of promoting sports in the country.

He said his organisation values the importance of sports in the development of the nation.

Sports is the vital tool for learning as pupils who only concentrate in learning without playing any game end up being dull, so says the official.

The function was also used to launch a school feed program for 25 primary schools in the district, the equipments and the school feed program are sponsored by Finnish Government.

Ngwahi also said health-wise people must relax or play some games after eating and the sports equipments will help to implement that.

He also said that he believes that the sports donations will help the district to generate future players. Schools that stand to benefit from the donations are Mengwa, Mfulu, Msanga, Kikwete, Boga, Bwama, Chang’ombe A and B, Muhanga and Malumbo.

Antila said her country is committed to help education development in the country and she pledged continued support to Tanzania.

Receiving the donations on behalf of the district, the DC thanked the Finland Government and said food and sports equipments will help to improve sports and educational standards in the district.

She express3d her profound appreciation as pupils from her village will have good sporting equipment which to keep them busy.

Atuplele Juma a Boga primary school teacher said the sports donation will help many young players in the district to realise their dreams of playing top class football and help the district have proper youth football developments.

“Lack of proper youth structures has been crippling Kisarawe district to produce good players for our district aleague and I hope this will form a strong foundation for the future of our district league”, he said.

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