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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

TPSF: Tanzanian goods win more recognition with local barcode

25th February 2012

More Tanzanian goods have started getting recognition after the country started using barcodes officially.

Speaking to journalists in Dar es Salaam on Thursday, Acting of Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) vice chaiperson Aloyce Mwamanga said Tanzanian products previously used Kenyan or South African barcodes to trade in supermarkets and outside the country.

“Previously products were not recognized as products from Tanzania when exported as they were using foreign barcodes, In this trend, at least we are sure that the country will raise economic growth,” Mwamanga said.

He added that since the long time wait and fight for it now through barcodes, traders will raise their market shares, a thing that will help boost revenue for the government.

According to Mwamanga, barcodes will help to reduce problems associated with forgery since every product will have recognized barcodes as security and recognition in business.

The intention of using barcodes, he said, is to give the private sector the priority it deserves in business within the country and outside.

For his part, GS1 Tanzania Barcode Executive Pius Mikongoti said currently a total of 1800 products in the market have registered to use barcodes in the country.

“A member has to have TIN number and must be paying tax,” he said adding that the fee for registration is less than 80,000/- and cannot exceed 2600, 000/- for big businesses with over capital 250m/-,” he said.

He added that traders using foreign barcodes will pay 100,000/- to register and receive free barcodes. They will also pay annual fee, he added.

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