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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

RC decries anti-peace trends

23rd April 2012

Dar es Salaam acting regional commissioner Mwantum Mahiza has decried unfolding trends of social and political violence, describing them as a big threat to the country’s peace, harmony and tranquillity.

“We need to take this as a matter of agency, which requires immediate attention and quick actions,” she said in her speech at the Peace Conference organised by Ahmadiayya Muslim Jamaat Tanzania in Dar es Salaam at the weekend.

Key objectives of the conference are spreading the message of peace and harmony across the globe. The event also seeks to demonstrate contribution of Ahmadiaya Muslim Jamaat to the strengthening of peace in the country and other parts of the world.

Mahiza argued that Tanzania was currently heading towards a wrong direction because of increased violent acts instigated by politicians and people with ill-motives to disrupt the country’s peace.

She said, “These people puts our peace at stake,” adding that in order to fulfil their mission they always plant elements of hatred and divisions in the hearts of Tanzanians.

The acting RC asked religious leaders to pray for the country’s peace, which she claimed was built by the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and Abeid Amani Karume.

She said peace was “an expensive commodity” that could not be found on a silver plate, praising the aforementioned founders of the nation for their devotion, dedication and commitment in the course of building the prevailing peace.

“There are many countries in the world, presently struggling to have what we currently have (peace). We should not put our peace on test. Countries like Egypt, Syria, Libya, and many others are suffering due to violence and lack of peace,” she stressed.

Mahiza called for united religious society and general public for maintaining the country’s peace, noting that the task of praying for the country’s peaceful should not be left with religious leaders and institutions alone.

“Everybody must play his or her part,” she said, adding that the country could hardly registered meaningful development in the absence of peace.

For his part, Amir and Missionary In charge of the Ahmadiayya Muslim Jamaat Tanzania, Tahir Mahmood Chaudhry, said the founder their Community, Hadhrat Ahmad, preached peace, something which the community had been advocating for years.

“A true Muslim, who is aware of the teachings of his faith, will always remain sincere and obedient to the government under whose benign shadow he lives his life in peace,” stressed the cleric.

He stressed that the Ahamadiayya Community in the country and across the world has been more than ready to support governments and communities in nurturing peace and harmony.

“We always join hands with other religions to support the Tanzanian government to ensuring that peace prevails in society,” said Chaudhry, describing the country, as one of few gifted ones for having and maintaining peace.

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