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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

EATV duo joins Big Brother fray

3rd May 2011
Bhoke Egima
Lotus Kiyamba

East African Television broadcasting duo of Bhoke Egima and Lotus Kiyamba took a huge stride last Saturday to represent Tanzania in this year’s edition of Big Brother Africa in South Africa.

Egima and Kiyamba are making their debut appearance in the continent’s most popular entertainment show.

While Egina is a presenter of the 5Connect programme with the regional television (EATV), Kiyamba takes control of the 'Nirvana'.

The two Tanzanians joined other Big Brother aspirants from the rest of the continent by storm over the weekend.

The Big Brother show, which portrays realistic life of the housemates, goes by the additional name of Amplifier as its sixth edition gets underway.

The edition was launched in pomp as American Busta Rhymes rapper, Spliff Starr, took to the stage with Flip Mode Squad,

Shortly after the contestants entered the House, they were shocked by the unseen Big Brother who told them their survival banks on performance should they need to avoid eviction.

The housemates were blindfolded and led to the Arena for a yet to be specified activity.

They sounded nervous as they held one another's shoulders and headed out of the House, in a ‘human train’.

Each Housemate was given two t-shirts featuring their names, and then told by Big Brother they'd have to wear these t-shirts all week.

On their first night in the House, Big Brother revealed to the Housemates that they are not fully fledged Housemates yet, and will have to earn their stay in the House this week.

Yesterday they were thrown into the deep end with their first Arena Game.

The Housemates divided themselves into two groups and had to try and throw as many objects into a car as possible, before their allotted three minutes elapsed.

Once their time had expired they were to await further instructions from Big Brother.

Drama unfolded as the Housemates were stunned as Ghanaian and Kenyan contestants abruptly kissed each other.

In a bid to get to know each other better, the Housemates decided to play a game of 'Never Never'.

In this game, the Housemates revealed, in a round-about way, what it is they have never done before.

With booze flowing freely, Millicent (of Kenya) decided it was her chance to kiss Alex from Ghana.

With everyone watching, Millicent, clad in tiny booty shorts, walked over to Alex and the two gave the others a show and a half.

The two held onto each other and kissed like their lives depended on it.

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