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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Ten opposition parliamentary hopefuls fail to beat deadline

26th August 2010

Ten Zanzibar-based members of opposition parties aspiring for parliamentary seats have failed to beat the deadline for returning nomination forms to the Zanzibar Electoral Commission.

Their quest for the hotly contested seats, which witnessed bruising political battles in the primaries, has thus all but come to a dead end.

The deadline for the parliamentary aspirants to return the nomination forms to ZEC ready for campaigns for the October 31 General Election was last Saturday. Most aspirants from the ruling CCM and the opposition Civic United Front (CUF) beat the deadline.

Aspirants who were time-barred come from Tanzania Labour Party, Demokrasia Makini, NRA, AFP, TLP, TADEA, UMD and Sauti ya Umma (SAU).

They include Hassan Juma Salum (Kikwajuni - TLP) Tabu Mussa Juma (Magomeni - Demokrasia Makini), Zaina Abdalla Mohammed (Stone Town - NRA) and Simai Abdulrahman Abdalla (Mpendae - NRA).

The others are Said Abdul Ahmed (Mpendae - AFP), Hamad Hussein (Kwamtipura - TLP), Masoud Khamis (Kwahani - TADEA), Haji Suleiman (Demokrasia Makini - Kwahani), Juma Makame Hamad (UMD - Kwahani) and Peter Anderson (SAU - Kwahani).

The area’s returning officer, Masha Said, said the aspirants were nowhere to be seen until the deadline, giving ZEC no option but to scrap their nominations.

He named aspirants for parliamentary seats who beat the deadline as including Hussein Mwinyi (CCM - Kwahani), Khamis Mussa Haji (CUF - Kwahani), while for the Magomeni constituency it is Kijo Joseph Nyoni (NCCR-Mageuzi), Suleiman Ali Suleiman (TLP), Mwamba Ameir Haji (Chausta), Mbongo Ali Mohammed (TADEA), Chuma Makame Salum (Chadema), Chombo Mohammed Amour (CCM) and Ahmed Khamis Hamad (CUF).

For Amani constituency they are Seif Suleiman Kombo (CUF), Mariam Suleiman Bakar (UMD), Khamis Masoud Khamis (UPDP), Mussa Hassan Mussa (CCM) and Mariam Omar Ali (TADEA).

Aspirants for the Stone Town seat are Nassor Khamis (NLD), Halima Mohammed Kuzu (TADEA), Mugheiry Nassor Juma (CCM) and Ibrahim Mohammed Sanya (CUF).

Mpendae aspirants who beat the deadline are Asia Abdalla (Chausta), Suleiman Khamis Ali (CUF), Mohammed Ahmed Khamis (Chadema), Zakia Saleh Salum (TADEA), Hussein Hassan Malaika (Jahazi Asilia) and Salim Hassan Turkey (CCM).

For Jang’ombe it is Kidoshi Hamad Sai (AFP), Fadhil Kassim Abdalla (TADEA), Abdalla Ali Abdalla (TLP), Mohammed Yusuph Maalim (CUF), Hussein Mussa Mzee (CCM), Maalim Salum Msabah (Chadema), Haji Hassan Haji (NCCR Mageuzi).

Aspirants for the Chumbuni seat are Mbaki Ame Khamis (UPDP), Salum Hamad Amour (NCCR-Mageuzi), Perera Aame Silima (CCM), Mwanamrisho Abama (Chadema), Wanu Khamis Mohammed (DP), Safia Yusuf Mbaraka (TADEA), Ali Haroun Hamad (UMD ) and Ali Juma Khamis (CUF).

For Kikwajuni it is Hamad Yusuf Masauni (CCM), Zaituni Ali Khamis (TADEA), Khadija Ismaili Maktuba (DM), Mfaume Khamis Hussein (NLD) and Idarous Habib Mohammed (CUF) while for Rahaleo are Mabodi Abdalla Juma (CCM), Raida Rajab Khamis (NCCR-Mageuzi), Ali Rajab Mgana (CUF), Salaam Mussa Juma (TADEA) and Khamis Suleiman Khamis (APPT).

Aspirants for the Kwamtipura seat are Bauji Abdalla Jafar (Jahazi Asilia), Ramadhan Ali Abdalla (UPDP), Khamis Ali Khamis (CUF), Kheri Ali Khamis (CCM), Fatma Said Mohammed (UMD), and Salma Mohammed Juma (NCCR-Mageuzi).

The deadline for aspirants for Zanzibar House of Representatives seats to return their duly completed nomination forms to ZEC is August 30.

Vice President Ali Mohamed Shein, CCM’s flag bearer in the race for the Zanzibar presidency, is meanwhile, expected to return his nomination forms to ZEC today.

Idrisa Haji Jecha, head of the commission’s Communication Department, confirmed here yesterday that Dr Shein had already completed the forms and submitted a request to return them.

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