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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Mwakyembe speaks out

19th February 2012
  Says poison comes in many ways, even through contact
  Suspicious police are pushed by corrupt people
  Believes Tanzanians can read between the lines
Works Deputy Minister Dr Harrison Mwakyembe

After staying silent for some time awaiting the government to announce to Tanzanians what specific kind of disease is afflicting him, Works Deputy Minister Dr Harrison Mwakyembe yesterday firmly stated that he has been reinforced in his lack of trust for the police, which had on Friday announced that he was not made to drink poison, contrary to all available medical reports.

Dr. Mwakyembe, a former law lecturer and member of Parliament for Kyela who led the Parliamentary Probe Committee on the Richmond contract award saga, said the top brass of the police force was being unfair to him personally and the nation.

He said: “I have read in the same class in the Faculty of Law at the Hill with DC Manumba. Afterwards IGP Mwema was my law student at the Hill. These two bigwigs of public security have not acted rightfully in my regard, and they know it. They also know I will not remain silent or mumble my words come what may when my right is being trampled underfoot.”

The scathing brief on the police goes back to the days he wrote a confidential letter to Inspector General Saidi Mwema giving every detail about a plot to eliminate him, which could be evidence enough for a criminal pursuit, he started losing trust as the details were leaked to the press, in a way that made fun of the evidence he gave.

The prominent politician gives four main reasons that have made himlose trust for the police.

“A few days after handing the IGP the letter, I was sent a team of ‘investigators’ to my office to take additional explanations. The team was led by ACP Mkumbo, a police officer whom a few weeks earlier was among police officers who were suspected of receiving bribes in order to slap false charges on a son of IPP Executive Chairman Reginald Mengi, of involvement in narcotics traffic, a question which up to now the Police Force leadership has not been able to clarify to any acceptable magnitude.

On that basis, I had been sent a bribe or crime suspect to steer investigation on other suspects of crime! I understood right from that moment that the whole exercise was a farce, a salutary farce!

“A few weeks after my letter was presented to the IGP and the ACP Mkumbo the team ‘started work,’ the Police Force took the step of congratulating and awarding police officers I had cited as suspected of cooperating with criminals! You don’t need to be a professor of philosophy to know that this was a clear signal of mocking me.

“Lately suspicions of police officers being involved in criminal activities in Morogoro region when they reached a high decibel level touched the same police officers I had suspected in my letter, and the IGP took the step of transferring them to other regions!

“So as to make me totally despair, my ‘top secret’ letter to the IGP was deliberately leaked to the media and published as news which jeered at and refuted the whole statement I had given, I don’t know to whose benefit! But this is a routine game of the police as recently Hon. Minister Samuel Sitta, when being questioned by a senior police officer in his office, when the two of them were alone, a statement on the meeting was in the papers snorting over the evidence that was given by Sitta! The integrity of the police force leadership is on the line.”

He elaborated that doctors at Apollo Hospital in India have asserted that there is something in the bone marrow that was causing his present health predicament, and the doctors were still working on how to control or remove it.

In the year 2009 Dr Mwakyembe’s vehicle was involved in an early morning accident in Iringa region where the police also tried to silence Dr Mwakyembe saying that the legislator, travelling from Mbeya to Dodoma, was asleep in the vehicle, and thus he knew nothing of what happened. He hotly disputed that version of things.

Sensing that there could be sinister motives by the police in collaboration with big corrupt people, the deputy minister said in his statement, which we are producing in an unofficial translation, that it was unfortunate that the police always insist on being given evidence instead of seeking evidence through investigations.

“This procedure of the Police Force to wait to be given evidence on the table, in the manner that magistrates wait for evidence in court, doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world (but for Tanzania only) because the core function of the Police is not to be given, it is to seek evidence.

At the end of last month Dr. Mwakyembe had announced that detractors whom he had mentioned to the IGP must be the same who had poisoned him, the reason being his crusade of speaking for the voiceless.

"I will always thank the Almighty God for being alive, all those with bad intentions and conspired to harm me have been defeated. Medical examination reports confirmed that I had dangerous toxins (poison) in my blood system and the only way to avoid serious damage to the kidneys, liver or heart was by its excretion through the skin," the legislator had declared.

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