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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Tanga RC cuts short factory tour in anger

4th April 2012
Tanga Regional Commissioner Chiku Gallawa

Drama unfolded here yesterday when an investor engaged in the production of oil and lotion for human use inexplicably left his place of work just before Tanga Regional Commissioner Chiku Gallawa began touring his factory.

The RC was far from impressed by the gesture, which she described as “unacceptable and unexpected of an investor” – Akil Mamujee, a director with Mamujee Product Limited.

Mamujee had earlier belatedly welcomed Gallawa to the factory, and the two exchanged greetings. The RC was then led to the office for talks, but she said she preferred making a tour of the premises first for a first-hand account of the situation on the ground before wrapping up the visit with discussions with the management and employees.

With that, the RC began going around the factory premises. Strangely, the official made for his car and soon left the premises without saying where he was going and why.

Contacted for information on his whereabouts, his personal secretary was tight-lipped, not even giving her name.

“This is not the way people should behave,” said a visibly enraged Gallawa, immediately calling off the tour.

Speaking to reporters and her delegation, she said the investor had demonstrated a high degree of naughtiness to her and the rest of her team “while we are simply on a routine tour of business premises in Tanga city and its environs”.

She said the factory management’s behaviour had saddened her beyond measure, promising to summon Mamujee to her office soon for “clarification on this bizarre incident”.

The RC underlined the need for investors to know that they were doing business in Tanzania for the benefit of both themselves and the nation.

“It is the government that has issued them with permits to invest in the hope that business in our country will flourish and help the nation earn income while the investors also benefit,” she noted, calling on investors to go about their work freely but with due respect for the laws of the land and by observing protocol.

Before the debacle, the RC had toured Tanga Pharmaceutical & Plastics Ltd and Neelkanth Lime factory, where she was treated to a warm welcome.

In remarks at the two factories, she appealed to Tanzanian and foreign investors to establish good working relations with local communities “including helping them in implementing development projects such as promotion of environmental conservation”.

She also urged the investors and other members of the business community to register their workers with health insurance schemes “so that they can access health service when down with illness”.

Mamujee Products Limited was set up in 1998 and is engaged in the manufacture of cosmetics, petroleum jelly, body lotions and baby care products as well as the packaging of plastic and various other home hygiene items.

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