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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Tanga residents cautioned against selling land

10th May 2012
Tanga regional commissioner Chiku Gallawa

Tanga regional commissioner Chiku Gallawa has cautioned Tanga residents against selling land without following legal procedures, saying it will cause more disputes in the region.

She said the question of land should be taken with great care taking into account that it had already caused many disputes, which would be overcome by proper ways of handling land issues.

The RC was closing a regional council consultative meeting held in Tanga yesterday.

She appealed to leaders from all levels of administration to help and educate Tanga residents about land issues.

She said if they sold the land now they would be blamed by their children as there was high land demand every year due to increased population.

She said instead of selling land, the residents particularly farmers, should focus on developing agricultural schemes so that they could grow cash and food crops to increase food security and fight against poverty in their lives.

"I ask you leaders and stakeholders to educate our farmers about the best use of land. Some of the farmers think about selling land without considering what will happen tomorrow. Let them know that even their children will need the same land. So, they must keep it for present and future generations," she explained.

Speaking about the environment, the RC said there was a need to conserve the environment in their areas and fight against poverty.

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