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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Babu: God has given me new miracle cure

21st February 2012
Retired pastor Ambilikile Masapila of Samunge Village

Retired pastor Ambilikile Masapila of Samunge Village, Loliondo District in Arusha Region famed for the herbal cupful which drew millions of sick people from various countries says he has a ‘new miracle cure’.

The 77-year-old man and his 20-man team are currently busy putting up giant structures and facilities in the area in preparation for the new project whose administration is expected to start “very soon” in the remote village.

The retired Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) cleric said: “This is one of the biggest projects to be implemented in the small and secluded village. I don’t know where the money will come from but God knows. My task is just to initiate and God will do the rest of the work.”

Masapila claimed that God has shown him other ‘new miracles’, which are beyond the current ‘magic cure’. The boiled roots of 'mriga-riga' plant are administered together with ‘prayer’ to provide an elixir for all chronic ailments ever known to humans.

“I’m seeing a crowd of people who are coming into this area. Some of them will be coming here for the new miracle cure. While some will be coming for treatment others will be coming just to see the miracle,” the former pastor told The Guardian in an exclusive interview in the village.

He added: “With the coming crowd God has shown me another place where the new services will be offered. This area (former) is very small and by moving into the new area, we’ll reduce the inconveniences the villagers get because the number will be twice that which came last year.”

The new area which is located three kilometres away from where he used to administer the cure is also expected to be equipped with all required facilities and services to meet the demand of the comers.

Popularly known as ‘Babu’, he started administering the ‘cure’ from ‘mriga-riga tree’ in 2010, and last year more than six million people took what is called the “cup of life”, said to address chronic diseases, including HIV/Aids, cancer and diabetes and making barren women conceive.

Samunge is located nearly 50kms from Loliondo — the Ngorongoro district’s headquarters and is about 400 kilometres from Arusha, the country’s leading tourist city.

The road to the village is rocky, dusty, hilly and is dotted with potholes, making it only easily reachable by Land Cruiser.

According to the retired reverend, the new miracle which has remained a top secret will attract millions of people from as far as Europe, Americas, Asia and other parts of Africa.

Before announcing the new miracle, Masapila claimed to have been told by God that he must ensure the new structures and facilities are put in place.

“I asked God how I will handle the large number of people and he told me to look for another area within the village. I got about seven hectares of land where I am going to begin work,” Rev Masapila said, without divulging when he is going to kick-start the new project.

He explained that in the new project, two buildings would be for patients to rest after long journey as they wait to get the herbal therapy and the other two would be for therapy preparations and administrations.

“In my dreams, I am also seeing a number of tents scattered all over the area…God has shown me everything,” Masapila said, without disclosing the ‘new miracle cure’ only adding that it will be stronger than the current one.

“I know the miracle, but God hasn’t yet allowed me to disclose it. I will do so, when everything is ready,” stressed Masapila, who has had no medical training in the past.

At least 50,000 burnt bricks have been put up at the construction site and the area has been cleared to allow work to begin.

On who will be sponsoring the construction, Rev Masapila said: “I don’t know only God knows.”

He commended the good relationship between him, Samunge villagers and the government in making the service successful.

He however asked government authorities improve the main road from Arusha and other destinations to the village in order to ease transport.

He said that the road to the remote village is pathetic and cause a lot of inconveniences to patients travelling to the village.

At the moment Babu Masapila is still getting patients though not in large numbers as it was in last year. Most of the visitors are those from the neighbouring countries of Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, DR Congo, Rwanda, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Rwanda, and as far as South Africa.

On average, he said that he gets three vehicles daily.

“The price for a single dose is still 500/- per person for Tanzanians and 1,500/- for foreigners,” he said.

He also refuted claims that he has constructed 200m/- house, saying his new residence is less than 10m/-.

Masapila also said that he owns a saloon car and a lorry all used to fetch medicinal plants from the forest.

Health and Social Welfare ministry endorsed the ‘miracle cure’ for human consumption, but said further medical research was being conducted to establish its efficacy.

Health and Social Welfare minister Dr Haji Mponda once said that they are waiting for scientific results from a sample of not less than 200 people, conducted jointly by the Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH), government and the World Health Organisation's Africa zone based in Brazzaville.

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