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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Let`s join hands in war on poverty - Dr Mengi

2nd April 2012
IPP Executive Chairman Dr Reginald Mengi is awarded a shield in recognition of his years of support for community development by Village Community Banking (VICOBA) president Devotlha Likokola (L) in Dar es Salaam on Saturday.

The war against poverty in the country will be won if everyone was involved and fulfilled their obligations, IPP Executive Chairman Dr Reginald Mengi said over the weekend.

Officially launching an economic campaign for people with low income organised by Village Community Banks (Vicoba), Dr Mengi said the task should not be left to the government alone.

Dr Mengi, who was appointed the national commander in the fight against poverty by Vicoba president Devota Likokola, said the scope and the challenge posed by the scourge cannot be easily understood by an individual until he or she experiences it.

“Our challenge is how to get involved in fighting this enemy. We need to accept that it is our responsibility to fight poverty and not that of the government alone,” he said.

He called on rich people to consider ways of giving back part of their profits to the majority women, disabled, children and orphans who are poor.

Recounting his experience, Mengi said he was born and raised in a poor family and that through prayers and belief that poverty was not a problem but a challenge, he managed to overcome it. “Personally I don’t think if it is right for one ‘rich person’ to enjoy, eat and waste food while the poor don’t know where their next meal will come from,” he said.

Mengi pledged 100m/- to the village community banks to support the campaign against poverty.

For her part the Vicoba president expressed gratitude for the support that Vicoba has been receiving from the government and other stakeholders, pointing out that Dr Mengi has to date extended 1.12bn/- in support of its activities.

Likokola who is also a member of parliament assured the gathering that Vicoba was well prepared to educate and train citizen using different techniques how to fight poverty in their families and communities.

“Just to tell you we have 30 coordinators and 30 teachers who are well organised ready to train others in the country. We have the capacity needed, determination, knowledge and expectations for future changes,” she said.

Earlier, Monika Mbega, Vicoba country chairperson said for one to be a coordinator, one must have the capacity to sacrifice his or her time and property to serve others who are poor.

Meanwhile, the Vicoba president presented a shield to the IPP executive chairman in recognition of his tireless support for those who are aspiring for a better world.

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