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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Lobby decries threats against people with albinism

2nd May 2012
UTSS executive director Vicky Ntetema

The Dar es Salaam based non-governmental organisation Under The Same Sun (UTSS) has decried ongoing threats against people with skin disability, saying the situation is creating fear in the victims.

UTSS executive director Vicky Ntetema made the remarks recently in Dar es Salaam when addressing students from various secondary schools in the city at the screening of a film titled 'White and Black: Crimes of Colour' which depicts the killings of people with albinism.

The film has been directed by Jean-Francois Mean featuring Tanzanian journalist Vicky Ntetema.

Ntetema said that although the number of killings involving people with albinism had dropped threats against the group were still rampant.

“We can not say that the murders of people with albinism have been contained until the government stops taking these people to special centres to protect them from being attacked,” she said.

She said a drop in the murder cases of people with albinism has been contributed to by a number of factors, including government efforts to fight the crime and public education on albinism.

She further said that cases related to albino killings filed at different courts in the country and the judgments which had been delivered were among factors which contributed to the drop.

Ntetema said public education on issues related to albinism was still crucial in fighting the crime in the country.

For his part, UTSS operations manager Education (Scholarship Fund) Gamariel Mboya said that his organisation was planning a tour to raise awareness about albinism in 37 secondary schools in the Lake Zone regions.

He said the awareness tour would be conducted this and next month and the primary tool would be the Swahili language version of the film, 'White and Black: Crimes of Colour', which was produced in 2009 at a time when, for two years running, the murders of people with albinism in lake zone averaged between 2 and 3 a month.

Mboya said the film's screening would be preceded by a short seminar on albinism and followed by a debate and discussion organised by Under The Same Sun but administered by leading members of the Lake Zone's Tanzania Albino Society.

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