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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Mwapwani Yahya fourth BSS eviction

16th August 2011

Mwapwani Yahya (BSS 19) has been evicted in the BSS house after getting less votes over 'danger zone' contestants Bella Kombo and Chiby Dayo.

She becomes the fourth contestant to b evicted from the competition after Lulu Abdul, Juma Hussein, Shafii Zuberi, and Mrisho Rajabu.

The ten remaining contestants are Beatrice William, Bella Kombo, Chibidayo, Haji Ramadhani and Imani Lisu.

Others are Marry Banyukwa, Marry Lucos, Rogers Lucus, Sarafina Mshindo and Waziri Salumu.

Mwapwani said that she faced lots of challenges in revealing her talents since all contestants are industrious.

"I faced fierce competition but bi will continue dominating the upper position in the Tanzanian music industry with my sweet voice," she said confidently.

Despite Bongo Star Search `Second Chance’ getting to the forth week , things are working tough for some contestants in the house.

The departure of Shafii Zuberi last week had left Mary Locas in unhappy mood.

Recently it has been noticed that Mary is close to Shafii to the extent that other house mates remained suspicious that two stars were in love relationship.

“I am not sad because he was my lover but the issue is that we have been close friends sharing common ideas in improving our musical skills," Mary said in a sombre mood.

Bella Kombo has also been announced by the House Principal Noah Omollo to have been chosen by her fellow house members to lead the BSS 'Second Chance' contestants in the house after having been seen breaking some rules of the game.

Bella was found in the 'Danger Zone' last week but still remained in the house and named as the new leader.

BSS House Principal Noah Omollo called upon housemates to give greater support to the new appointed leader of the house.

While Bella and Chibi Dayo had a hard moment when they were announced to have been found in the danger zone and warned that they faced expulsion if they repeated.

“We should know that in this house every one has the opportunity to be led and to lead others. So this week Bella will lead the others in a way of improving morals and discipline in the house.

Currently Bongo Star Search (BSS) ‘Second Chance’ is getting to an excellent progress while contestants are looking forward to win.

Last week performers showed there singing talents based on International hits. This week they are on the theme -'Bongo Flavor.'

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