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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Brela devises new strategy to improve quality of products

24th March 2012

Tanzanian businessmen have been advised to use intellectual property rights as a new strategy to improve the quality of their products with so as to become competitive in international markets.

The call made in Dar es Salaam by Business Registration and Licensing Authority (BRELA) chief executive officer Asteriano Mahingila when speaking to journalists soon after he opened a workshop for consumers.

He said Brela will work hard to ensure that the strategy is well understood and employed by businessmen to improve the quality of their products.

He added that the strategy would also help to educate businesses so they can produce quality products with newly acquired technologies.

According to him, the biggest challenge facing Brela is lack of education among businessman in implementing the new strategy.

“We have many traders in this country who can manufacture quality products but they fail in creativity. With this new technology it is my hope that many people will start exporting their commodities,” he said.

Mahingila said their strategy focuses on business creativity by using available resources for the purpose of development rather than copying the products of others.

Rogasian Mavuna, a workshop participant called upon Brela to translate the new strategy document in Kiswahili so that every person can understand and improve the quality of products instead of the current trend where English is only used.

He said if the strategy will be in the language that is understood by all, it will help businesses to improve the quality of their products.

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