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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

MP advises govt to repair quarters for police and prison staff

10th August 2011
Mkanyageni MP Mohamed Mnyaa (CUF)

Mkanyageni MP Mohamed Mnyaa (CUF) yesterday pressed the government to provide a schedule for the construction and maintenance of houses for police and prison officers.

In his supplementary question, Mnyaa said the MPs had been raising many questions in relation to the construction and maintenance of the officers’ houses but the government had been giving unsatisfactory answers.

“This question has been asked by MPs several times and the minister has been giving similar answers. I want him to provide us with a concrete schedule for the contraction and maintenance of these houses,” Mnyaa said.

Responding to that, Home Affairs Deputy Minister ambassador Khamis Kagasheki said his ministry was organising itself so that it could repair all police and prison officers’ houses by 2015.

In the basic question, Special Seats MP Maua Daftari (CCM) had wanted to know when the government would repair prison buildings in Laini Wete and the houses for police officers.

Kagasheki said the government was planning to repair and construct new houses for police officers across the country.

He said by 2015 the government would have repaired all police houses including those in Laini Wete.

Kagasheki said in Laini Wete the police were residing in seven houses and there was no house that had been sold.

In another question, Tarime MP Nyambari Nyangwine (CCM) had wanted to know when the government would construct houses for police officers in Tarime/Rorya Special Police Zone.

Kagasheki replied that the government had a programme of improving the houses for police officers countrywide depending on the availability of funds.

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