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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

CCM members urged to shun discrimination

10th November 2011
Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda

Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda has called on CCM leaders to maintain national unity and avoid all forms of discrimination to ensure people’s development.

Pinda was speaking at the CCM headquarters on Tuesday afternoon at a function to congratulate two new MPs, Mohamed Said Mohamed from the Zanzibar House of Representatives and Dr Peter Kafumu for Igunga constituency.

The two MPs were sworn in by Speaker of National Assembly Anna Makinda during the House's morning session. Dr Kafumu was elected to represent Igunga constituency after the resignation of Rostam Aziz while Mohamed fills the seat that was left vacant by Amme Silima, who died in a traffic accident in August, this year.

He said that CCM leaders should continue unifying its members since any form of discrimination would lead to conflicts.

“We need to honour the prevailing unity…because even the late Father of the Nation, Julius Nyerere, hated racial, tribal and religious discrimination”, he noted.

The premier also urged CCM members to change their mindsets and respond to different motions raised by opposition parties. He said that for a long period now CCM members have been hesitating to respond to issues raised by other political parties.

He said that opposition parties should respect the Igunga by-election results because there is always a single winner at any competition. He urged the newly elected Igunga MP to represent all types of people in the constituency.

According to him, the party’s legislators' committee would recently meet to discuss ways of assisting Mussa Tesha, a CCM cadre who was poured with acid during the election campaigns in Igunga, Tabora.

He said there was the possibility of taking him to India for further treatment.

Meanwhile, Mwigulu Mwichemba who was the director for CCM by-election campaign in Igunga, said that Tesha would be taken to India because his family cannot afford to meet the treatment cost.

He said that Tesha was the sole bread-earner for the family.

Dr Kafumu was announced winner of the Igunga by-election after obtaining 26,484 votes, representing 50.4 per cent of the votes, beating seven other candidates from Chadema, CUF, UPDP, SAU, DP, Chausta and AFP.

A total of 52,487 votes were cast during the by-election.

Chadema candidate Joseph Kashindye came in second with 23,260 votes, equivalent to 44.3 per cent, CUF’s Leopold Mahona scored 2,104 votes, or four per cent.

Other parties and their votes in brackets were UPDP (63), SAU (83), DP (76), Chausta (182) and AFP (235). A total of 171,019 people were registered to vote.

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