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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Human trafficking in Tanzania not serious matter, govt says

19th April 2012
Home Affairs Deputy Minister Ambassador Khamis Kagasheki

The government has said human trafficking in the country isn’t so serious compared to other countries in the world. Responding to a basic question by Faida Mohamed Bakari, who said there was currently human trafficking in the country, which was against human rights, Home Affairs Deputy Minister Ambassador Khamis Kagasheki said it wasn’t a serious issue.

The MP wanted to know how Tanzania was dealing with such an illegal trade.

“Tanzania is part of the global world and because of globalisatiion and communication, Tanzania can not be left in this matter,” said Kagasheki.

He said in 2008 the parliament passed the Ant-trafficking in Persons Act, 2008, which prohibits human trafficking in the country.

“This law puts in place investigation and court procedures regarding human trafficking but also procedures to rescue and help people trapped in the trade,” he noted.

Eight cases of human trafficking were reported in courts of law between 2007 and last year of which 48 people including 14 Somali nationals, one Kenyan and 33 Tanzanians were affected by the trade.

He said the victims were either imported or exported outside the country.

He told the House that 10 of the suspects were arrested and some had appeared before courts of law.

In another development, the deputy minister said the killing of people with albinism had decreased tremendously in the country due to the government’s effort to fight against the social evil.

“This indicates that the government’s strategies to contain the problem have worked,” he said calling for MPs and other stakeholders to educate people about superstitious beliefs, which aggravated albino killing.

“If people stop thinking that using albino’s body parts will make them rich, then this problem will be solved,” he said.


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