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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

MP proposes Bill to force voters to take part in polls

12th February 2011


Manyoni West MP John Lwanji (CCM) has proposed a law to force eligible voters to vote during the general election.

Lwanji said one of the reasons of the low turn-up during the general election in October 31 last year was lack of seriousness among many Tanzanians. "Honourable Speaker, some people are laissez-faire. They tend to engage in their daily cores even on the voting day. I propose to have a law to force such people to vote," he said.

He explained that it was not true that people were tired of the government but the poor turn-up during the last general election was caused by lack of civic education and lack of seriousness among Tanzanians," he stressed.

Lwanji also challenged fellow MPs to stop using a lot of time reviewing Parliamentary Standing Orders since Tanzanians were only interested in social services like water, health care, road infrastructure and education. "Voters won’t eat the Parliamentary Standing Orders. Let’s not spend a lot of time talking about things, which are irrelevant to the people,” the vividly annoyed MP said.

He urged legislators, who were law experts to shift legal debate to other platforms as the National Assembly was a place where MPs presented people’s problems.

Special Seats MP Magdalena Sakaya (Chadema) complained over rampant corruption at the Dar es Salaam Port. She said big businesspeople unscrupulously evaded tax without being held accountable.

She said corruption practices at the port denied the Treasury a lot of money.

Kisesa MP Luhanga Mpinga (CCM) said there was no need for seminars and workshops, instead the money should be sent to development projects.

Nzega MP Dr Hamis Kigwangallah (CCM) was surprised to see the people living in areas where minerals were found because they lived miserably.

“Why can’t they benefit from the minerals?,” he asked.

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