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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Cheka claims Maugo lacks sportsmanship

3rd May 2012

Newly crowned IBF African Champion Francis Cheka has declared not to fight again against Mada Maugo on grounds of the latter’s lack of sportsmanship.

Cheka, who has floored Maugo twice before posting his third victory over the weekend, says Maugo has failed to admit defeat all the times he loses a match.

Beside Maugo’s failure to concede defeat, Cheka says he has been unjustly branded as a boxer who banks heavily on superstition instead of his competence in the ring.

“I feel disappointed by Maugo who thinks witchcraft has a role to play during our fights while overlooking our differences in boxing competence”, says Cheka.

Cheka says there is no need to have any more fight against Maugo even if it means to surrender his IBF title. According to IBF regulations, Cheka is supposed to defend his title within six months.

Cheka said it has been ordinary habit for people to make false pledges or promises then resort to a U-turn, his stance against fighting Maugo stands and is for real.

“I don’t think there is someone to convince me in having a rematch with Maugo anywhere, anytime from now on”, says disappointed Cheka.

Cheka says there is a need to respect whoever wins a bout as long as the game was staged and decided on the basis of the rules and regulations governing the relevant sport.

The IBF champion goes on to say that boxers like any other sportsmen in the world have their peak time and have their weak and strong points against their opponents.

Cheka wondered if Maugo would have uttered the critics had he posted at least one win during their three times meeting on the ring.

Maugo claimed to have experienced excessive dizziness throughout during their latest IBF fight.

In related development, the IBF has congratulated Cheka for wining the title but insisted he must defend it within six months period.

The IBF made clarification on the title Cheka won as IBF Africa Continental and not inter continental title as reported by some of the media in the country.

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