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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Govt values animals more than humans, lawmaker charges

26th July 2011
Mvomero lawmaker Amos Makala

Mvomero lawmaker Amos Makala (CCM) yesterday faulted the government tendency to value animals more than human beings.

The legislator made the remarks after establishing that the amount of compensation which the minister for Natural Resources and Tourism described as 'consolation ' being paid for humans when killed by animals was 1m/- only while an elephant was killed for USD 3,400, equivalent to 5m/-.

“How come a person who kills an elephant is charged USD 3,400, equal to 5m/-, but when an elephant kills a human being, compensation is only 1m/-?” asked Makala.

He said following the larger compensation for an elephant than for human life, it indicated that elephants and other animals were of more benefit and value than human beings.

In his basic question, Makala had wanted to know the government plan to raise the amount of compensation for crops which have been destroyed by elephants and for people who have been killed by wild animals in Doma ward.

Responding to the question, Natural Resources and Tourism minister Ezekiel Maige said the amount being paid by the government was only a consolation and not compensation because the value of a human being could not be compared to that of an animal.

“It is not easy to pay for a human being's value. What we pay is just a consolation and not compensation,” he said.

He said the government had raised the amounts for compensation for victims killed by elephants and other wild animals according to the Game Reserves Regulations of 2011.

He told the House that the current amount was now 100,000/- for destruction of farm property of about one acre and 1m/- for a person who had been killed by a wild animal or an elephant.

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