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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Expedite the writing of new constitution - call

12th March 2012
Mtwara regional commissioner Joseph Simbakalia

The Panel of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) from the African Union (AU) currently visiting the country has been told to advice the government to expedite the constitutional review process.

The views were aired in Mtwara on Saturday during stakeholders’ consultations with the visiting APRM Panel of experts from 20 African countries. The Panel is in the country since March 2, this year and is expected to stay until March 23.

Various governance stakeholders told the Panel that the current constitution was enacted to guide the country during the single party era therefore it cannot offer a meaningful guidance to the current country’s multi-party democracy.

“Tanzanians are demanding accountability and development. The current document cannot cater for all that because it was made through a single party approach. The new constitution should be expedited because Tanzanians want to see drastic developments,” said Mathias Mingelo from St Augustine University, Mtwara Branch.

The acting team leader for the country review mission that will visit Mtwara, Mbeya and Dodoma regions, Kenyan political scientist Prof Mohammed Muhidin, said the team is in the to discuss with and engage various stakeholders in the process of ranking the country’s governance performance as well as complementing available government institutions towards improving good governance.

Earlier on, the team visited Mtwara regional commissioner Joseph Simbakalia, who during an audience with members of the Panel praised the APRM process as a replica of Mwalimu Nyerere’s policy of self critic.

APRM is a mechanism of the African Union formed in 2002 with the mandate of assessing governance among member states through involving the people to air their voices.

Tanzania joined the mechanism in 2004 and the first country report on governance was completed in 2009 and updated in 2011 containing the voices on the people in areas of democracy, economic management, corporate governance and socio-economic affairs.

The country, being among 32 out of 54 African countries which have acceded to the mechanism, looks forward to attain more accelerated political stability, high economic growth and strengthened good governance, conducive to attract more investment, upon successfully implementing the program whose reports are issued after every four years.

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