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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Ideas that can bear fruit in sports

22nd January 2012

While Tanzania is a country that is passionate about sports, the sad fact is that our track-record in recent years at major competitions has been rather poor.

Indeed, this worrying trend of dismal performances ought to prompt local sports stakeholders to adopt a long-term plan that will hopefully see our country improve its sporting fortunes in the future.

One idea that could form part of this long-term vision is the earmarking of more open spaces in our cities and towns, specifically designed for sports.

This is critically important as one of the most striking aspects of our country is that open spaces reserved for sports are extremely hard to come by throughout the country.

This feature of our domestic sporting arena amounts to shooting ourselves in the foot as we can hardly expect to make an impact in international sports if our children do not have areas in which to play a whole range of sports.

Moving on, the authorities in collaboration with different sports bodies could also embark upon a program which aims to teach school teachers the rudiments of a variety of sports so that they can be well-equipped to introduce their eager pupils to sports.

Indeed, if children do not receive the right grounding in different sports at a tender age, they will most likely grow up to become unsuccessful sportsmen and sportswomen.

In addition, we will also simply have to change our modus operandi when it comes to preparing for international events.

Quite often, we dilly-dally for literally years until the eleventh hour when we frantically rush to prepare our athletes in what is ultimately an attempt to achieve success that is doomed to fail.

Granted, while this particular hindrance has been highlighted in this column in the past, it is an inescapable fact of sports that poor preparation equals poor results.

Thus, as we strive to gain success in sports this year, it might be good if we planned ahead for the future, which hopefully will be full of sporting glories and towering achievements.

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