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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Shocks Akudo Band musicians

18th May 2012
Akudo Impact Band

Patrick Mafisango’s sudden death has sent powerful shockwaves not only to football fans in East Africa but the entire fraternity of Dar es Salaam-based Democratic Republic of Congo musicians.

Mafisango used to attend shows of the Akudo Impact music band wherever they stage as long as he is in Dar es Salaam.

Akudo band is made up of DRC musicians and was staging a midweekly show at Maisha Club where Mafisango and his two other family members attended during a night before his death.
Mafisango was driving in the car together with   four other passengers that included his sister’s son, one Clary Boteko, and another sister who flew in Dar es Salaam for family tour.

The Akudo show ended on the early hours of Thursday morning as Mafisango drove his Toyota Cresta car on his way home.

According to Akudo musicians, they used to board his car and drove back home every time he happened to attend their shows.
“We were used to him as a family member, friend and a close relative,” said one of Akudo band’s musician.

However, at the end of yesterday’s show, Mafisango’s car was full and the musicians had to be driven home by Nyoshi Saadat, Akudo’s most popular vocalist.

As Mafisango was driving alongside the Chang’ombe Road close to VETA, a cyclist appeared and he tried his best to avoid him and the car  knocked a tree before heavily bouncing into the ditch.

He died instantly and surprisingly the rest of the passengers on board survived with minor bruises. The 32-year-old is survived by three children; two of them are with their mother in Kinshasa. He was living with a three-year old boy by the name of Crespo, whose mother is in China.

It has reported that Mafisango had a long telephone call to Crespo’s mother and he frequently cut short yesterday’s music entertainment to attend the call.

The communication was linking him and Crespo’s mother who was following updates of her son.

The Rwanda Government and football FA ( FERWAFA) has agreed to allow Mafisango’s funeral to be held in Kinshasa where his family is based.

In related development, the Tanzania Football Federation has expressed shock and disappointment following the sudden death of Mafisango.

A statement from the federation through its information officer Boniface Wambura availed to The Guardian said his untimely death has sent powerful shockwaves to the entire football fraternity not only in Tanzania but also throughout the region.

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