Wednesday Oct 22, 2014
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Editorial Cartoon
Fight against Ebola can be won if symptoms are reported early
Tanzania has so far been spared the outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) that continues to wreak havoc across West African of countries since it erupted in December 2013.    However, if the country is to remain safe, it is vital that any suspected symptoms be reported.
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Walimu, wanafunzi kujisaidia vichakani ni aibu ya kujitakia
Kuna taarifa kuwa baadhi ya shule za msingi nchini ziko katika tishio la kukumbwa na maradhi yatokanayo na uchafu kufuatia walimu na wanafunzi wake kujisaidia vichakani kwa sababu ya kukosekana kwa vyoo.   Mojawapo ya shule zinazokabiliwa na hali hiyo ni Shule ya Msingi Izuga.
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