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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Dar `miracle baby` doing well, says father

9th April 2012
`Miracle baby`

The father of the baby who was born after he growing to full term outside the mother’s womb and delivered safely at Mission Mikocheni Hospital in Dar es Salaam yesterday said the baby is doing well since being discharged from hospital.

In a recent interview with the father of the baby, Okolewa Amon, he said he was glad because the baby was doing well.

“Praise be to Almighty God in heaven for keeping my baby boy healthy and happy…it is really amazing but all I have to do is just believe it,” Amon who looked jolly said as he smiled.

He said his brother’s wife was taking care of the child, who fed on infant formula.

“The baby is doing well since he was discharged from hospital despite getting ill some days back,” he said.

He said when the baby fell ill last month, he took him to Mikocheni Mission Hospital for check up where the doctors assured him that the ailment was not inimitable as it occurs to other babies.

According to him, he felt like the world has turned upside down for him whereby he never knew what the future on his side and the baby would be, saying that he keeps thanking the hospital management for their kindness and honesty for what they have so far done.

He added; “Without the help from the management of Mikocheni Mission Hospital, I do not know how things would have been by now as I never knew what to do concerning my baby’s life”.

He said he still cannot put aside his mind when remembering his beloved wife as he changed from a happy face to a sad one when asked how life is without his wife.

“I usually look at her picture in my bedroom every time, it real pains and I cannot help tears flowing down my eyes but there is nothing I do,” Amon explained as he breathed heavily and began rubbing his eyes with fingers.

“Although I cannot keep my mind away from my late wife, the only thing to honour her is to make the baby happy and work for his future,” he said.

In February this year, doctors at Mission Mikocheni Hospital in Dar es Salaam achieved a rare feat by delivering a woman of a baby who had grown to full term outside the mother’s womb.

The healthy baby boy who on birth weighed 2.6 kgs was delivered with the help of doctors through caesarian operation.

However, the mother who miraculously carried the baby outside her womb for nine months succumbed to death shortly after the operation due to overbleeding.

The Mission Mikocheni Hospital director general Dr Asser Mchomvu said after a careful investigation of the mother’s condition, they discovered that the baby had grown outside the uterus, a thing he said endangered not only the baby, but also the mother.

“Our doctors worked very hard on the operation on Wednesday struggling to save the mother and to safely deliver the baby. In other words they scored all the ten points that a new born baby must make upon delivery — which include breathing, reflexing, pulse and tone,” explained Dr Mchomvu, to this journalist and Okolewa Amon the clearly distraught father of the three-day old now motherless toddler.

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