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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Appeal made to textile firms to reduce water use in production

4th April 2012

Textile industries in Tanzania have been challenged to reduce the amount of water used in production in order to save the environment as well as do away with shortage crises.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam recently, Executive Director of Envirocare, Loyce Lema, said all textile factories in the country consume enormous water which in the near future could threatens the lives of countrymen.

She said few years ago, they visited some industries in the regions where they found that the amount of water being used in production was very high.

Some of the textile industries they visited are Sunflag in Arusha, Afritex in Tanga, 21st Century in Morogoro, Karibu Textile Industry in Dar es Salaam and Mbeya Textile Mills in Mbeya Region.

She added that the fectories consume huge amounts of water which is scarce and energy which in turn affects the climate.

“Imagine, to produce a kg of cloth, one requires 150 litres of water. Can we really afford to waste such a huge amount of this resource? There must be a better solution to this which is cleaner production,” she suggested.

Cleaner production is continuous application of an integrated preventive environmental strategy to products, process and services so as to increase efficiency and reduce risks to the society and the environment, according to experts.

There is a number of benefits on this, including reduced daily operations, increased profit margins and generation of more products by using fewer raw materials.

Other benefits include increased productivity, improved environmental performance, and reduced waste storage and greenhouse emissions.

The government has played a positive response in supporting cleaner production in Tanzania as shown by supporting the authorities responsible with the standard setting namely Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS).

This automatically reduces the loan of pollution and ensures the well being of surrounding communities and the environment as a whole.

She urged the government to provide tax relief on equipment used in cleaner production so as to reduce the amount of water used and save the environment.

Most of these equipment are so expensive, she said, adding that the government should reduce tax so as to safeguard the environment.

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