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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Fruit vendors in Moro municipality refuse market

14th January 2013
Mawenzi fruit Market

Mawenzi Market fruit vendors in Morogoro Municipality have refused to work in the respective market and have instead continued to display their merchandise on the floor under the petition that the building housing the market is not safe for them.

Speaking to journalists, the traders lamented the dangerous working conditions which they said stem from the weariness of the poles therefore rendering it a risky environment to work.
They threw the blames on the Municipal Management saying it has failed to make adjustments in the market it had built despite receiving complaints from time to time.
Fingo Hamisi, a fruit vendor warned that if the Municipality doesn’t ensure repair of the market, the traders will continue to arrange their commodities on the ground.
Commenting on the market vendors’ complaints, Municipal Director Jarvis Simbeye said he was baffled by the claims that the market was built on low standards.
Despite the fact that the building is incomplete, he said, its construction meets the right standards because the municipality engineers were involved in sketching the plan and in advising the technicians.
However, Simbeye said that the municipal authority will team up with the militias to remove all the traders who are operating outside the municipal market.
A lot of money was invested in the construction of the market, he added, noting that it has to be utilised and the municipality shall not tolerate the selling of merchandise outside the authorized premises.
He suggested that any trader who feels unsafe in the market should go to another market or change their business rather than violating the laid down rules.


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