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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Dar firm vows to sue Yanga

16th January 2013
Yanga secretary general, Lawrence Mwalusako

Young Africans Sports Club (Yanga) have refused to comment on allegations that the Jangwani Street side owes the Dar es Salaam-based Holiday Dreamers more than 9m/- for air tickets and car rental.

The firm said last week that it will sue Yanga for failing to complete paying them for the air tickets which the team used when traveled from Dar es Salaam to Cairo, Egypt last year for the Confederation of African Football (CAF) assignment.
However, when contacted over the weekend, Yanga secretary general Lawrence Mwalusako refused to comment on the matter, only to say: “So they have reported to you, are you a court of law?”
And further attempts to get his side of the story proved futile as he did not pick up his phone.
The company is also seeking more than 500,000/- for car rentals after the club hired a vehicle from the firm for their then secretary general Selestine Mwesigwa from January 5 to August 8, 2012.
Holiday Dreamers managing director Muntaha Ebrahim said her company is planning to seek legal help after exhausting all channels to get their money from Yanga.
She said the current leadership of the club is doing nothing to help her to get the money as they always shift the responsibility to each other.
Ebrahim said on one occasion the club gave her company   a cheque to collect the balance for the Cairo trip and car rental, but the cheque bounced.
“On June 10, 2012, Yanga gave me a CRDB Bank Dollar cheque number 709878 for $5,089 to be collected at Vijana Branch in Dar es Salaam, but on June 16, My Bank, Exim Bank informed me that the cheque has bounced,” she said.
She said her company wrote Yanga informing them that the cheque had bounced and they need the payment as soon as possible.
Yanga’s reply, signed by Mwesigwa and addressed to Muntaha Ebrahim which was seen by this reporter, said: “Sorry for the situation. I am referring the matter to our Accounts office for follow up. In the meantime, kindly return the cheques to our accountant or contact him at (the phone number withheld). Again, apologies for the inconvenience. Hope the matter will be sorted out soon.”  
Ebrahim said after some follow ups, the club advised her to give them an invoice, something which was done by the company but the club have not come to her again.
“I have given them enough time. It’s now almost a year, but they have not given me my money. Every time I call them they keep sending me to other people, and sometimes they do not pick up my phone. I am tired now, what I want is my money,” she said. 
Speaking in a telephone interview on Saturday, Mwesigwa said he knows Holiday Dreamers, but refused to comment further, saying he is no longer the club’s secretary general so he cannot comment on the matter.
 “I know the company you have mentioned, but I cannot comment further as it is against what I agreed with Yanga. Part of my contract said after leaving office I should not disclose whatever was happening at the club,” he said.


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