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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Over 330 women trained on entrepreneurship, get loans

22nd January 2013

More than 337 women in Dar es Salam who live below one USD1 a day have been empowered through training and capacity building in a way that they could advance from poverty and build up their economic base.

Speaking in an interview with The Guardian, Building Africa’s Establishment Committee’s chairperson, Ernest Muganyizi Kabaka said that their organisation has started to train women living in poverty so as to be acquainted on the procedures of applying for loans and using them.
Kabaka also said that the training will take three months and the trainees will have the opportunities to learn new entrepreneurship skills and they will have time to identify businesses of their choice.
“Apart from training on new entrepreneurship skills, the trainings will give them platform to give out their views on starting small businesses.
“Some of these women are Mama Ntilie so we will assist their businesses according to their wishes,” he said.
 He added that during the course, women who will easily understand what they are instructed would be given the priority in securing loans.
He pointed out that by building women’s capacity in entrepreneurship, they will also contribute to the building of the economy.
He noted that every household of a women living bellow a dollar a day will be given more than USD100 for their small ventures.
“We will start by giving USD100 for those who will have small businesses, but the amount will change accordingly depending on the kind of business one is doing, the aim being to ensure that women no longer live below a single dollar a day,” he said.
Building Africa is a Tanzanian non government organization which promotes gender, equality and empowerment of women by overcoming poverty, hunger and diseases. 


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