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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Tanzania has a lot to export to Mexico, says consular

28th January 2013
Reza Saboor

Tanzania has got many commodities it can to export to Mexico, the Mexican consular in Tanzania has said.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam at the weekend, Reza Saboor said there are also many opportunities in the East African second largest economy which businesses can explore.
He said last year a mining company from Tanzania made a breakthrough into the Mexican market where it established branches along the Coastal regions of the country to showcase tanzanite gemstone.
“This would encourage other businesses from Tanzania and the rest of African continent to explore more opportunities in Mexico,” he said.
Explaining on the trade relations between the two countries for the past two years, Saboor said they are growing and they expect them to be much better.
“They are growing steadily and we expect them to be much better especially with the recent visit of Vice President Dr Gharib Bilal to Mexico.”
He said: “The visit will bring fruitful results to both countries, since the Vice President’s visit showed deepening business and diplomatic ties between the two countries especially after the signing of a pact between TCCIA and the Mexican counterpart – Canacintra and Comce.” 
The deal will be signed officially by the TCCIA president next month.
Asked on the progress of the African Week in Mexico held last year, he said, it gave exposure to African trade institutions and businessmen which took part in the event.
The event helped to explore ways in promoting business and building relations with Mexican businesses and those of Africa.
Speaking to this paper in Dar es Salaam recently TCCIA executive director Daniel Machemba, said the main objective of the pact was to increase social and bilateral economic relations.
He said Tanzania has chosen Mexico as a partner in business for the growing markets because it is looking for a country where she can easily market her products.
The level of business between the two countries is low as compared to that with others, he said, adding that the pact would act so as to stimulate it.