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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Finscope to carry out third survey on financial access

13th February 2013
Bank of Tanzania

The Bank of Tanzania (BoT) in collaboration with National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and other key stakeholders will later on this year conduct a survey on financial access among Tanzanians.

The survey aims to measure changes in financial access since the first one which was done in 2006.
A press statement issued by the Financial Sector Deepening Trust of Tanzania (FSDT) said the study will be funded and coordinated by the trust in close collaboration with other key stakeholders.
A robust sampling process will be needed to ensure the validity of data, the statement said, adding that it is intended that the data will be representative at provincial as well as national levels.
In addition, FSDT aims to carry out the third survey using electronic data capture, it said noting that the firms with demonstrated experience in conducting national representative survey will be considered for assignment. 
However it was not easily established as to when the study will start, but adverts circulated to the media invited eligible research firms to apply for the assignment before 28th this month.
FSDT has learnt from another previous Finscope survey in 2009, which will in turn improve the targeted dissemination and analyses of the results.
“This in turn should improve the use of surveys by private and public stakeholder alike,” it said, adding “it is critical that a top quality and highly needed experienced research house undertakes the enumeration of the survey.”
It is expected that this year Finscope measures and profiles the demand for financial services, segments and assess barriers to access since the first survey.
According to ESRF executive Director Dr Bohela Lunogelo the FinScope survey conducted in 2009 shows that rural areas getting financial services are far less compared to those in urban areas.
“Demand is high, so it’s better for the government to improve the policy of providing financial institutions in all areas,” he said.
The FSDT was established by five government donors: Canada, the UK, Sweden, The Netherlands and Denmark, in close collaboration with the Bank of Tanzania and the government.
The overall aim of the trust is to provide greater access for more people to engage with the financial sector throughout the country. 
In Tanzania the second Finscope survey was done in 2009, which had a total of 7,680 sampled points covering all districts.


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