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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Gold firm to compensate Katoka villagers for land

14th February 2013
Geita District Commissioner, Magalula Saidi Magalula
All residents of Katoma village in  Geita district who are living inside Geita Gold Mine (GGM)’s beacons will soon be compensated after a long wait of their rights.
Speaking over the phone from Geita yesterday, Geita District Commissioner Magalula Saidi Magalula said that they have already signed evaluation forms that allow GGM to pay the compensation to villagers who are staying within the  area of which the payments will be disbursed after  a short period of time .
“Regional Commissioner has already signed evaluation forms that allows GGM to continue paying the villagers that are staying within the mining site, as the law states that compensation must be done within six month after the compensation forms  signed” he said
Adding “It a long time that the villagers are waiting for their compensation and within such a period they are not allowed to construct or cultivate anything within their plots, hence they can not survive without being paid their compensation and go out from the mining area looking for another place”
Magagula informing the Katoma villagers that they have not to worry about their compensation since the government is on their side to make sure that they get what supposed to get without being abandoned. 
For his part, Edward Mwita one of the villager who will be compensated said that the compensation made was not basically following the rules since it based on favoring the investor.
“Principally, when some one compensating your properties, he or she must be open by informing  exact amount to be disbursed but that process was not made accordingly to favor both parties, but process likely favoured the investor” He said  
He insisted “Villagers have to know their amount after being compensated, but it came differently, we do not understand how much are  we going to be paid after the exercise.
Mwita explained that after being ordered by the authorities to stop developing their lands, they are know living in a hard situation since land which was their helpful can not be developed for any business gain.
“We are here staying idle without knowing the time when GGM will give us our compensation, since we can not do anything on our land they have to consider our right, even though has been manipulate to be paid by their own wish and not the wish of law” he said.


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