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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Tennis officials support anti-doping deployment

21st February 2013

The Tanzania Tennis Association (TTA) will incorporate anti-doping rules in its constitution.

TTA’s electoral committee has reached an agreement on Monday to include anti-doping rules to e used during domestic tournaments.
Incumbent TTA chairman Dennis Makoi said the meeting was attended by the body’s executive members and club representatives who agreed that, players should be checked for performance-enhancing drugs before games.
Makoi said TTA wants to comply with the Government which is in process of adopting anti-doping rules and regulations that are in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).
According to WADA code alcohol and any other substances known to have negative effect on the health of an athlete, whether immediate or later in life, is punishable as a drug offence and individuals or teams involved shall be disciplined
He said the meeting among other things also agreed that the new constitution of the association should not allow non Tanzanians to be elected on the executive council of the association.
Also all executive council members should have attained form four as a minimum academic qualification.
The TTA chairman said the move to bar foreigners from holding any post or being a member of the executive committee of the association is in the country’s sports guiding rules and regulations only that they were not enforced.
He also said the suggestion is in line with the Africa Tennis governing body (CAT) article 13 which does not recognise people of foreign nations representing other nations at its assembly.
“In fact this rule is not new to us, recently the Confederation of Africa Tennis wrote to us that at the next month’s annual general meeting of the body which will be held in Nairobi, we should not send people who are not Tanzanians”, he said.
However, he said the members agreed at the meeting that non-Tanzanians should only be members of sub-committees of the association.
“We can not run tennis in the country without the input of some foreigners, but they will not be allowed to sit on the executive council of the committee, they will only be members of subcommittees” he said.
The suggestions will come into effect once the association held its annual general meeting, at a date and place to be announced later.   


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