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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

International Women`s Day here again

7th March 2012

Tick-tock, tick-tock! It is time to wake up, children need to be prepared for school, she needs to ensure that her husband's clothes are ready and needs to prepare herself for work, leave the children to school and attend a series of meetings at her workplace.

When she arrives at work, she finds there is a crisis that needs to be sorted out and while she is trying to get settled her assistant at home calls to say that the baby is not well - the body temperature is too high.

With this news, she has to figure out what to say to her boss to seek permission to take the child to the clinic. After coming up with all manner of stories, the boss grudgingly allows her to go but only on condition that she works late to make up for the time she is away.

The woman gets home and finds the child is definitely worse and has no choice but to take the child to the hospital. As she dashes to the hospital her phone rings non-stop, calls from clients needing her attention. She gets to the clinic and finds a long queue and has no choice but to wait in line.

An hour later her boss calls to ask how much longer she will be as there are more important matters that she needs to deal with at the office. The woman starts to panic because of his tone of voice and so she decides to call her sister for back-up to come and sit in the queue for her while she quickly returns to the office to sort out the emergency.

Eventually she gets back to the clinic after the child is treated and she drops off the child at home and heads back to the office, by then it is time to pick up her other two children from school and this time she runs out of stories to tell the boss. She calls her husband and asks him if he can pick up the children from school.

Unfortunately it's board meeting day and he is unable to leave the meeting. She quickly makes alternative plans and the children are picked up. The next time she looks at her watch it is time to go home, she remembers the boss saying she needed to work late and also remembers that she has a sick child at home.

Reluctantly she puts in an extra two hours after work and then goes home to start preparing the evening meal, bath the children, feed the baby and exhausted as she is there are two assignments she still needs to write for the degree programme she is studying. By the time she turns off the light, it is past midnight and she knows that in a few hours time she has to get up and start the routine all over again.

This is a typical day for most modern career women and for many, balancing work, family and personal life is a huge challenge. Career women world-over have to juggle between work and family as both roles are demanding and overlapping components of a working mother's life.

This is an example of a modern day career woman who has to deal with career, family and personal responsibilities. Many women will admit that maintaining a work life balance among is an ongoing challenge which evolves from time to time depending on where one stands career wise and what is happening with the family especially.

It is with this in mind that the whole world must recognise the contribution that woman put into the running of affairs in our society.

March 8 is a significant day for women worldwide. It is the day that has been set aside and in many countries declared a holiday to celebrate women around the world. It is International Women’s Day.

In the book of Genesis we see that at the time of creation, God made everything including man and He realized that something was missing on earth.

God then put man to sleep and removed a rib from Adam and created a woman to be a helper to Adam. With this background of where women are coming from, it is no wonder that the world recognizes that women must be celebrated for what they are doing to make this world a better place, whether it is in the home or at work.

While the world celebrates International Women Day, women themselves must learn to celebrate themselves. Many of them wait for people around to tell them how good they are and how beautiful they look but many times those words never come.

And so rather than sit and fill sorry for yourself, learn to appreciate who you are and how wonderfully God made you. Hug yourself, pat yourself on the back and tell yourself that you are a hero in your own right. I often tell women to master the secret of loving themselves.

That is what distinguishes between a happy confident woman and one who is depressed. To every woman out there, today stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself, I mean really look at yourself.

I am sure you will see a beautiful woman staring back at you. Forget your flaws, or that you need to lose weight, stop trying to compare yourself with other women.

Always remember that there will always be women taller, shorter, thinner, fatter, richer and even prettier than but you still have so stop comparing yourself. Love who you are and what you have achieved. There is someone out there wishing that they were you.

Be confident and never loss hope by always trusting in yourself.

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