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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

CCM singles out corruption as threat to intra-party polls

16th May 2012
CCM Ideology and Publicity Secretary, Nape Nnauye

CCM National Executive Council (NEC) has singled out corruption as threat to its internal elections. The ruling party has already completed conducting the elections at the street level and preparations are underway for branches to do the same.

CCM Ideology and Publicity Secretary Nape Nnauye revealed this when briefing journalists yesterday in Dar es Salaam regarding various decisions made by NEC in its meeting that ended on Monday.

“NEC calls on all CCM members wherever they are to fight corruption in all its forms and should report any act to the relevant authorities, including the

Prevention of and Combating of Corruption Bureau," he said.
Nnauye said that a contestant proved guilty of bribing to win in the polls will have his or her victory nullified. Additionally, he said, “He will also be banned from taking part in future elections, as per decision by the NEC, and he will be given other punishments as deemed right".

He further said that NEC has also decided that from now on it was strictly prohibited for contesters at any level to make visits to party streets, branches, district and regional offices under the pretext of greeting members, giving them ‘fares’ or introducing themselves.

“Any contestant proved to have made such visits his or her name will be immediately deleted from the list of contestants," warned Nnauye.

He added that party executives and leaders were also banned from escorting contestants in their areas of jurisdiction for the purpose of introducing them to voters. “An executive or leader found doing so, will be taken to task immediately," he said.

Nnauye said from now on it’s strictly forbidden for party executives and leaders to convene member meetings for contestants.

Commenting on high living expenses, Nnauye said that NEC urged the government to put pressure on employers to raise salaries with a view to enabling workers afford consumer goods as well as paying for other goods and services.

"The government should strive to control economic sabotage, and deal with those who hike prices unnecessarily," he said.
The CCM Ideology and Publicity Secretary said there were acts of rampant price hiking while house owners demanded six-month rent upfront. Nnauye said such acts and many others forced people to use other means to raise money.

He said NEC has instructed the government to take deliberate measures and see whether the value added tax should apply on all items, including food stuffs.

Nnauye also said that NEC has advised the government to increase subsidies for agricultural inputs so that more farmers could benefit.

He also said that NEC has instructed the government to increase the pace of enhancing the Strategic Grain Reserve (SGR), including constructing more warehouses in crop producing areas.
Nnauye said the government should also speed up transportation of food from crop producing regions to urban centres during food shortages to achieve equality in availability of food.

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