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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

MP tells House of `mysterious` disappearance of albinos

1st July 2011
Legislator Salum Barwany (Lindi Urban-CUF)

An opposition legislator has called upon the government to conduct a thorough investigation into the killings of people with albinism and beef up a search for the masterminds of the atrocities.

Salum Barwany (Lindi Urban-CUF) made the call mid this week in Parliament when contributing to the budget speech of the Prime Minister’s Office.

According to him, it was imperative to get to the root of the problem by searching for the real masterminds of the killings believed to be perpetrated by influential businesspeople and politicians.

He said that, taking into account the huge prices of albino organs offered by those who purchased them, it seemed there were affluent people who were behind the illegal business.

“It was reported that the value of some albino organs fetched as higher as 400m/- and some individuals purchased them. This shows that the market for such organs is readily available,” added Barwany, who also is an albino.

Meanwhile, the MP told the House that there were unconfirmed reports that some people with albinism had been disappearing mysteriously. He made a passionate appeal on the government to issue a statement regarding the reports.

Barwany used the same platform to call on the government to end what he described as a long standing mistreatment of southern regions, including Lindi region where he himself came from.

He said Lindi residents had lagged in development because the government had not allocated them enough resources compared to other regions in the country.

Barwany reminded that before independence in 1961, the region ran a prosperous airport, seaport, 20 sisal estates, and railway as well as reliable power supply, but things started falling apart after independence.

Barwany said there were a lot of issues that needed a national dialogue due to the government failure to resolve them, including ongoing power crisis and the killings of albinos.

Eugene Mwapiposa (Ukonga-CCM) blamed the government for sitting on Tanesco debts, a factor he claimed had paralysed operations of the state-run power utility. According to him, Tanesco owed ministries a total of 86bn/-.

Speaking on traffic jams in Dar es Salaam Mwaiposa said it was high time the government turned its attention to the railway sector for its development.

Meanwhile, Dr Mary Mwanjelwa (Special Seats-CCM) said the National Identification Project would not be beneficial if the government would not implement the Zip Code Project, which was intended to establish a defined physical addresses system.

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