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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Tennis fraternity demands voting in TTA elections

2nd May 2012

Tennis fraternity in Dar es Salaam and Morogoro has claimed eligibility so as to vote for the planned Tanzania tennis Association polls set for next month.

Those demanding to have voting power include several coaches and individual players. They seek a constitutional amendment so as to elect office bearers of their choice in running affairs of the association.

The National Sports Council (NSC) has directed TTA to hold its general elections.

The NSC has ordered TTA to revive all regional tennis committees so that they can vote during the elections.

Speaking in separate interviews, the coaches Haruna Samuel and Kiango Kipingu of Morogoro and Dar es Salaam regions, respectively, said for development of the game in the country there is a need for TTA to host the elections in June.

Samuel wondered if TTA still exist, and if so then Morogoro region has been neglected in terms of player, technical and infrastructure developments.

He said the region has many young players willing to learn tennis but they lack necessary support from TTA or any other organisation.

He also said currently the region has no active tennis committee and he wondered how TTA will hold its elections without having regional representatives.

“We do not have a regional committee here in Morogoro and they say they will hold elections in June, how can they hold do it without regional representations”, he asked.

Michael was of the view that the current constitution should be amended to give room to individual tennis players and coaches to have powers to vote.

The constitution which TTA uses allows only regions to vote at the association general meeting and bars individuals.

Dar es Salaam, Morogoro and Arusha regions are active in tennis but they don’t have working committees.

Kipingu was in full support of Samuel on the proposal for constitutional amendments.

He said the current constitution has proved ineffective to development of the game in the country.

Coach Kipingu said its very pity that the current constitution does not accommodate individuals who are developing the game.

He also hinted that coaches will meet soon and intend to hire a legal adviser who might help to fulfill their strong quest of amending the constitution ahead of next month elections.

Kipingu was in the opinion that TTA leadership is capitalizing on constitutional flaws to cling to power at the expense of the dying game.

One of the game’s staunch supporters John Bura has also teamed up with those who call for amendments of TTA constitution.

He said new office bearers would probably inject new driving force in reviving tennis game.

He said currently TTA has been clouded with problems resulting from ineffective leadership with just two officials on board.

Bura said it’s difficult for the current TTA secretary Inger Njau to perform her duties alone.

He faulted on the selection of the national team coach citing example when the youth team traveled to Cairo for continental event.

The NSC officer Mohamed Kiganja said tennis stakeholders should come together to revive the game.

He said NSC will not find it difficult if the stakeholders decide to amend the constitution to accommodate individuals in voting.

NSC wants to see democracy prevail at TTA by having leaders who are elected by the stakeholders of the game.

TTA chairman Dennis Makoi and his secretary general Inger Njau who both ascended to power on acting capacity in 2000, recently said elections will not change anything at the association.

Instead they said tennis needs sports development policy which can transform in business and beside installation of new office bearers.


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