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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Indonesia govt trains paddy farmers in Moro, Zanzibar

17th April 2012

The Indonesia government has trained paddy farmers in Morogoro Region and Zanzibar in a move to increase production of the crop in Tanzania.

Indonesian ambassador to Tanzania Yudhistiranto Sungadi, said recently that his government has brought two agricultural experts to help train farmers in the respective areas.

While at Mkindo village in Morogoro Region and Mwera, Koani and Cheju villages in Zanzibar, the experts have been training the farmers on new techniques on agricultural production including how to plant paddy, make better harvests and how to plant vegetables and other crops.

The experts’ focus, he said is to help the farmers share experience of their Indonesian counterparts and help them move from small scale to large scale farming.

He said “I believe that through their support, the farmers will obtain skills suitable for paddy farming and through those initiatives production will rise more effectively.”

According to Sungadi, the experts worked in Morogoro Region for two months and in Zanzibar for 10 days where they assisted in arming the farmers with farming methodologies from Indonesia.

He said, his country can also assist in training people in other countries in the areas of modern fishing upon getting application from countries that require the technique.

Highlighting on the support to Zanzibar, he said the Indonesia government will bring more agricultural experts to the Isles Zanzibar to introduce a new technique besides offering more scholarship to pursue studies in the Far East Asian country.

He said Indonesia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and has improved the wellbeing of its people.

He added that the country now has a five-year development plan aimed at transforming the country from an agricultural dependant to an industrial one.

“Our focus is largely to create employment, secure food security as well as contribute to the national economy,” he said.

He said that agriculture in Indonesia contributes 15 percent to the GDP although many people are engaged in the sector.

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