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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Govt commended for ending dispute at Dar university

11th April 2012

Students of the International Medical University of Science and Technology (IMTU) have commended the government and the IMTU administration for ending a long-standing dispute at the institution.

The students also commended the two institutions for reinstating without condition all students, who had stopped their studies due to various reasons in the course of the dispute.

Speaking at a news conference in Dar es Salaam at the weekend, IMTU university students’ organisation president Yared Chacha said that following a good work done by the government and the university administration, studies have resumed.

He assured that most students were back to their lecture rooms, urging the remaining few students yet to go back to class, to join their colleagues as soon as practicable.

“We have opened a new chapter, we have all agreed to forget the past and cement our relationships to improve the academic performance at the university” he stressed.

Chacha explained that restored peace and harmony, and consequently resumption of studies at full swing, follows full participation and collaboration between the university, the government and the students.

“We apologise to the public, government, students, TCU [Tanzania Commission for Universities], Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, IMTU staff and [university] management for misleading them by giving false information during the crisis,” he said.

He also commended the university’s move to lower tuition fees from 7.2m/- to 6.25m/-, adding that the new fees won’t change without the university administration consulting the government.

The university students’ association president said as far as teaching environment is concerned, IMTU have got best lecturers, assuring that with commitment and determination, the institution could be a better learning place.

Chacha said they have leant that when problems arise, patience, commitment and dialogue are the best weapons to find permanent solutions for the betterment of academic performance.

“We are also very grateful to the Ministry of Education and Vocational training, Tanzania Commission for Universities, IMTU administration, parents and the students, Chairman of the University Council Srinivasa Rao for their tolerance and solidarity during the dispute,” he said.

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